Nokia N97 vs iPhone 3GS

Image credits to Gadgetophilia.

Right now I am thinking whether want to buy Nokia N97 or iPhone 3GS. I have tested both of them and have read the comparison over the Internet. Of course both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are my opinions between these two touch screen smartphones:

Nokia N97

  • Has widgets at the home screen so we can put our favourite applications there.
  • Has the video call feature which I will use it most of the time.
  • The camera has 5MP resolution which I think it is far greater than iPhone 3GS camera.
  • Also has dual-LEDs camera flash to snap pictures in low-light.
  • The camera using Carl Zeiss optics which will bring more picture quality.
  • Internal memory is 32GB but I can add up to 16GB external memory. So total capacity is 48GB.
  • It using QWERTY keyboard which is great for typing messages or surfing the Internet.
  • Although Nokia N97 has touchscreen but it is not smooth like iPhone 3GS. I have to press the screen to select an item. Unlike the iPhone 3GS, you only need to tap the screen.
  • The web browser supports flash and I can watch Youtube videos if I want.
  • Not many applications made available for Nokia.

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New N79 colour – Petrol Black

Still remember my last post about N79 and N85? Well, today I noticed Nokia has released new colour set for Nokia N79 model. You can see it at Nokia N79 page.

Image from

The colour is black with codename Petrol Black. It comes with Dark Grey, Steel Grey and Deep Plum X-press-on back covers. The term X-press-on means, the theme changes according to the colour of back cover you put it on.

Right now, I am not sure whether it already available at the Malaysia market or not. But I will check it at this weekend.

N79 or N85? Which one you suggest?


I am thinking whether want to buy N79 or N85. Both have their own pros and cons. But actually I am more want to buy N79 because it is the successor of my N73ME.

The thing that I like the most from N79 is because it is not slide nor flip. The design is small and thin make me really want to buy it especially the white colour design. I already purchased N79 grey colour by using the MBF credit card promotion for my mom. The phone will be arrived around 1 to 2 weeks.

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N-Gage Theme Skin

N-Gage Theme by nkdesigns.

  1. Full vector themes.
  2. New icons set.
  3. ‘N-Gage’ text wallpaper included.
  4. Default icons version included for each version.

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5 tips to increase Nseries battery life

Every Nseries users and all mobile phone users will have the same problem. The battery dried up pretty fast. My N73ME only can last long for about one to one and half days only. This is because I always use the video call before I go to bed. :D But if you are a normal user, you can save and extend your Nseries battery life more longer.

1. Turn off bluetooth – How many of you turn on the bluetooth all the time? Bluetooth uses power to run. If you are not using the bluetooth, it is better to turn it off to save the battery.

2. No Games – Although our Nseries phone is a smartphone but I think it is not necessary to use it for playing games. Unless if you are a hardcore gamer that love playing mobile games from your mobile phone.

3. Low the Brightness – I set my display brightness to medium. Don’t set your brightness display to high because it will consume more power usage. And don’t set it to low or you will threaten your eyes.

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Handy Clock – A traveller Nseries world clock

I am now at Korea and this is my first time traveling to the oversea. Before I fly, I have installed Handy Clock in my N73ME to make me easier to know the time differences between my country and Korea. I also can see other 3 countries world time by using Handy Clock.

Handy Clock is a powerful world clock and time management application. It can displays all world time without having any problem because everything has been set in the application.

With Handy Clock, you can view five world cities at once with World clock view. This feature is useful when you have relatives, colleagues or friends in different cities around the world. With Word clock view, you will know whether they are currently awake or already went to bed. Handy Clock also support Day-Night view map. So you will see more clearly which part of the world is at night and which part is sunny day.

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Best CallCheater – Play Different Sounds During Phone Conversation

Best CallCheater – Turn your smartphone into a device that can give you an alibi and save you from undesired phone calls. With this program you will be able to play different sounds during a phone conversation, i.e: sounds of street, traffic jam, building site, garden, airport etc.

callcheater-01 callcheater-02


  • Configurable sound rules for contacts, groups, phone numbers and other situations;
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface;
  • Possibility to add any sound in amr format to sound list;

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Need your suggestion about My NSeries Blog

Well, I have not update this blog quite some time. And I thought I should ask your opinion and suggestion about this blog.

What are the things that you want me to cover on this blog? NSeries tips? Applications? News? Etc?

Come on… Just leave your suggestions in the comment form below.

Thank you very much.

Avoid NSeries from Hang

Hi all… It has been long time since my last post in here. Been busy all the time and have no idea on what to update on this blog. So today, for this entry, I would like to share with you a tip on how to avoid your NSeries from hang.

My girlfriend just bought her new Nokia phone and claimed that her new Nokia 6500 always hang. I asked her whether she using wallpaper on her phone or not. She said yes and stored the wallpaper image in the memory card. Then, I told her to move the image to phone memory. Since then, her phone does not hang anymore.

So, the question is, why you should put wallpaper image into phone memory? Well, hen you put the image that you want to set as wallpaper into the memory card, the phone will try to retrieve the image from the memory card when each time you go to the front screen. This process takes time because the phone had to retrive the file from external storage (memory card). This will slow down your phone and will make it become hang.

So to avoid your NSeries from hang, you need to put the wallpaper image into the phone memory (internal storage). By doing so, your NSeries will load the image more faster and this will reduce the possibilities of the phone to become hang.

If your NSeries phone always got hang, then you must move the wallpaper image into phone memory instead of stored in into the memory card. But, if your phone is still got hang after using this tip, then need to investigate what are the faulties. Probably, your phone has less free RAM.

NiceAlarm – The best alarm software

I have tested many alarm software for my Nokia N73ME. Before this I used Y-Alarm. Although it did what it should do, but I don’t like the interface and the ugly background image.

NiceAlarm – Main interface

NiceAlarm is the best alarm software so far. I am using it right now and don’t see any problem at the moment. This software has nice interface with its beautiful icon for each alarm you have set.

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