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December 1, 2021
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Who among us does not like high-quality and clear sound?Probably there are no such people.For the perfect sound experience, try the shp9500 ear pads.

Not everyone knows that a lot in headphones depends on the ear cushions. Therefore, their choice should be given special attention.And it is best to only buy quality and proven models like the shp9500 ear cups.

Feature of ear pads

Now let's figure out what it is and why they are needed.It is important to start with the fact that the ear pads are the detachable part of the headphones that makes contact with your ears.The main purpose of any ear pads is the comfort of the listener.In addition, ear pads partially isolate the person wearing the headphones from external sounds.Finally, the ear cushions contribute to the final sound of the headphones (as they form an acoustic chamber between the ear).All three of these factors can be expressed in different ways depending on the type of headphones, their overall design, and the design and materials of the ear cushions.

Depending on the type of headphones, ear pads are available in different shapes and materials.The importance of attachments should not be underestimated.In fact, this is the thing that always sits between the earpiece and your ear.Accordingly, ear pads can transmit sound cleanly, or they can completely ruin it.In case you use the headphones on the road or in a noisy environment, the ear cushions should cover your ear well.This will give full scale to the scene, correct positioning of imaginary instruments, and balance between all frequency spectra.Even headphones with active noise canceling will fail if they are poorly fixed.

Therefore, it is so necessary to be very responsible in the selection of ear pads.And it is very important, first of all, to pay attention to quality manufacturers such as misodiko.

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