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April 27, 2022
Microsoft Rolls Out Nokia X2

The Galaxy Fold 4 is likely to be one of the stars in Samsung's 2022 line of phones. 

Now there is an opportunity of 갤럭시 사전예약. Use this opportunity until the last summer month 2022.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 receives a camera designed in the spirit of the Galaxy S22 Ultra , as well as a stylus. There are three modules in the camera. The stylus is placed in the smartphone case. The phone has an OLED screen with a diagonal of 7.56 inches with a frame rate of 120 Hz. The updated hinge mechanism and capacious battery will allow you to work comfortably with the smartphone throughout the day.

Meet the smartphone that changes the shape of the future!

Image by Brett Jordan from Pexels

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