Nokia S60V5

December 26, 2016

Track@Way has been written originally for the Nokia S60v5 platform. It has been developed initially on a Nokia 5800 Express Music.Today, it has been optimized and improved. It works successfully on both S60v5 and Symbian^3 phones, Anna and Belle included!

Track@Way should work flawlessy on most, if not all, the Symbian touch screen devices, given it has enough memory. At the moment only the C5-00 is known not to be working.

On this page you can find a list all the phones that have been reported to be working. Please report your experience and help us extend this table using the Track@Way support forums

Please note: all the last generation Symbian^3 (Belle) phones do work!

Maker Model Type Track@Way Support FreeTrack Support Comments
Nokia 5800XM Nokia S60v5 Full Development platform
5530 S60v5 Tested by drclock
N8 ^3, Anna, Belle Tested by nicojt
C6-00 Tested by MaxK61
C6-01 Tested by G.E.
C7 Tested by Willy Gardiol
E7 Tested
Samsung OmniaHD (i8910) CF n2o4 by Faenil Not Tested Tested by F_Krueger
N97 Some issues with hardware keyboard
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