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March 23, 2015
Root call blocker symbian

Mobile phones have made our lives easy but they have flip sides too. Pesky SMS, and unwanted calls are hassles that every mobile phone user has to face. Learn how to block unwanted calls and messages on your mobile!

Block calls manually

Most mobile phones already include an auto-reject feature. It allows you to reject any incoming calls and messages to your mobile phone. The manipulation will differ from a mobile OS to another. Here are some guidelines:
  • Samsung mobile: Call log > Call Manager > Blacklist.
  • BlackBerry: Options > Security Options > Firewall .
  • Windows Phone: Setting > call+SMS filter > Block call+SMS.

Note that: In the event that you can't block calls on your mobile, you can always assign a special ringtone to an undesired contact. Thus you can easily identify his calls and manually reject them.

Software solutions

Some antivirus include a feature to block unwanted calls. To learn more about mobile antivirus apps, please read: FAQ.

Below is a list of softwares allowing you to block unwanted calls:


Hinky - Stop Phone Scams:
Call Blocker:
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