How to decorate your Nokia case?

January 14, 2022
Nokia N Series N95 8GB

Recently, we have faced the fact that many cases for our phones have become ordinary and not beautiful.We want something bright and unique.There is a way out! Now we can buy siliconemolds for resin and make cool designs by ourselves. More about this.

How to create a design?

In order to decorate our Nokia case with additional elements, we need epoxy resin. This is a special liquid that is poured into molds and hardens. After we carefully take it out and get very beautiful figures or other products.

We can do the same process with our phone.Namely, choose a suitable figure, fill it with epoxy, give it time to harden and get the product. After that, we take a good glue and carefully attach our elements to the cover itself.

The result will please everyone. After all, it turns out a very unusual beautiful case that pleases the eye, especially when you know that you made it yourself.

Image by Stain_Marylight from Pixabay

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