Symbian signed certificate

January 3, 2020
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Certificate inquires: Certificate have prepared, input the IMEI(dial*#06#check)can find the certificate

Notice: only for symbian third edition, fifth edition, symbian^3 system need to apply for certificate, other models do not submit application!
Phone Certificate what is doing for:Used for mobile phone software for signature, some software can not install directly, so use your own certificate to signed software it can be normal installed.
Phone Certificate what is the meaning:Mobile phone certificate can be seeing as software passport (s60 third edition, fifth edition, symbian^3 running a strict rules to the third part software in safety aspects).Some software involves phone software and hardware security, Personal information safety operation is doing a special restrictions ( automatically start with the phone is one of the function to be restricted).It is mainly to prevent malicious software. the applications must obtain the signature to achieve the special limite function. It means somesome must responsibility for this operation safety. Without any signature program can't install and operation.

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