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December 17, 2017
Spring Flowers Theme

SoloThis theme round-up covers some of the most beautiful free and paid templates from the Shopify Theme Store - all of which are mobile responsive.

Ideal for stores with small-to medium-sized inventories, Solo is designed to make your store look great no matter what type of business you run. Features include a rearrangeable homepage, the ability to showcase a single product front and center, a responsive design and many other standard features.

Brooklyn is a responsive Shopify theme that adjusts to look great on all screen resolutions. Resize your browser window to see how it adjusts, and try viewing the demo shops on your mobile phone or tablet. You can easily change colors, images, and fonts.


Ideal for stores with large inventories, Supply is designed to make it quick and easy to browse through all the categories and products your store has to offer. Features include prominent navigation, multiple homepage collections, sidebar filtering, and easy integration with the Product Reviews app.

Ideal for selling any type of product, New Standard is a responsive theme with a clean and minimalist design. New Standard now comes with all our standard features including mobile-optimized responsive layouts, a slideshow, featured collections, products, and more.

Give your online store the beautiful, trendy image it deserves with the Minimal responsive theme that looks great on any device. Loaded with excellent features designed to give you complete flexibility, you can customize to your heart’s content with additional layout options, product views, collections views, navigation styles and typography choices.

Startup provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and detail. Its homepage is modular, capable of serving as a one-page store all on its own. Perfect for merchants selling a small amount of products, but flexible enough to handle an entire catalogue, Startup is fantastic for any store.

Perfect for start-up boutiques, artisans and craftsmen - Showcase lets you use your product images full-screen. Featuring overlayed multi-level menus, full screen product galleries, retina ready graphics and a simple but versatile group of settings to help you customize your store, Showcase is fantastic for showing off your products in a brand new way.

Icon is a parallax Shopify theme packed with wide array of features that empowers Shopify storeowners to create unique and compelling shopping experiences with ease. It includes features like a sticky header, sticky sidebar, parallax scrolling images and much more.

New Standard

A gorgeous responsive theme suite for Shopify, Alchemy is packed full of features out of the box to maximize the potential of your products. Featuring a parallax header, retina ready graphics and row ordering - the options to style your store are endless.

Parallax is a stunning theme featuring a long-format home page with unparalleled flexibility and control. It uses multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds to create a sense of depth in your store. You can create an impact with multiple parallax scrolling sections and the ability to purchase products on the home page.

Responsive and retina ready, the Blockshop theme draws on flat UI design - boasting spacious, customizable layouts with a minimal user interface that endures trends with simplicity and style. Blockshop is a unique, premium Shopify theme, perfect for emerging and established businesses, start-ups, boutiques and artisans.

Retina is a fantastic theme for any storeowner looking to add a polished feel to their store. It supports high-res product images, responsive layout for widescreen and mobile devices, dedicated sidebar, product videos and much more.

Have you spotted a beautiful mobile optimized Shopify Theme in the wild? Let us know in the comments below!


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