Nokia N Series mobile phones

March 31, 2014
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Nokia mobile phones are well-known among tech-savvy phone users across the globe. For instance, the N series Nokia mobiles come with some of the very best features in mobile multimedia. In this article, we endeavour to know more about two handsets from this series - the Nokia N98 and the Nokia N96i.

Nokia mobile phones are well-known among tech-savvy phone users across the globe. People depend on the Nokia brand name for quality, reliability and high-end features. A person buys a Nokia mobile phone and is sure of getting some of the most 'user-friendly' features within a sleek and compact profile. Mobile phones from the Nokia N Series can be taken as a case in point.

As a matter of fact, the N series mobiles from Nokia come with some of the very best features in mobile multimedia. One can use these sophisticated handsets for listening to music, browsing the internet, and for capturing images and video clips. This makes these mobile phones very popular. People want to acquire the handset of their choice from this series and make the most of the additional features that come with the same.

One could take the case of the Nokia N98 and the Nokia N96i to prove the point. The N98 handset is a high-end mobile phone that is quite similar to other innovative handsets from the Nokia N Series, such as the Nokia N95. The handset comes with a GPS receiver that makes it a perfect travelling companion. The imaging capabilities are equally amazing. The handset is equipped with a 7.2 mega-pixel digital camera with Carl Zeiss lens that is perfect for capturing impressive images from day to day life. Video recording at 720x576 pixels and 30fps makes the Nokia N98 special to people having an active interest in photography. The images and video clips look all the more endearing in the 3.5 inches touch screen. The viewing experience is further optimized through the incorporation of a 3D graphics accelerator. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HSDPA connectivity options make the N98 from Nokia quite the gadget to acquire and use.

The Nokia N96i, on the other hand, comes with an integrated 5.5 megapixel digital camera. An owner of this Nokia handset can make the most of its innovative capabilities to make memorable moments last forever. A 2.4 inches TFT 262K colour display makes the images all the more attractive. The handset comes with MP3 and MP4 file support. And the best part about the Nokia N96i is that it is Bluetooth compatible. One could use the Nokia N96i to connect with other Bluetooth compliant devices and electronic gadgets.

Both the handsets are innovative in their capabilities and sleek in their looks. Both are Bluetooth compatible and come with integrated digital cameras. The displays of both these handsets are high-end and add to the overall viewing experience. The GPS capabilities of the Nokia N98 give it a slight edge over the N96i. However, one could choose either depending on their specific needs and requirements.

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