Nokia Symbian applications

November 27, 2018
In the hand
  1. On the Applications menu, select Applications > Mail.
  2. Select Create a new mailbox to start the setup wizard.
  3. Accept the Nokia terms of service and select Start.
  4. Select Mail for Exchange from the list of available account types, and then enter the following information:
    • In the Password box, enter your account password.
    • In the Username box, enter your Clemson username.
    • In the Domain box, enter "Campus".
    • Select Next to continue. The setup wizard will try to automatically set up your e-mail account.
  5. If the wizard is able to set up your account, go to the next step. If this process can’t be completed automatically, you’ll need to enter your Exchange server name manually. In the Mail for Exchange server name box, enter ", and select Next.
  6. Select OK when Mail for Exchange informs you that it isn’t recommended to use multiple methods to synchronize your contacts with your phone.
  7. Choose whether you want to synchronize your Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks by selecting the appropriate options and then selecting Next.

  1. Note: Tasks are called to-do notes on the mobile phone.
  1. If there are existing contacts stored on the mobile phone, the setup wizard will ask you whether you want to keep the contacts on the phone or delete the existing contacts on the phone. Select either Keep on phone or Delete from phone. Once you’ve made this selection, synchronization will begin. It may take a few minutes for your messages, contacts, calendar, and task information to appear.
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