Symbian OS V9.4

July 21, 2020
Symbian Os V9.4 Series 60
enum { BigEndian, LittleEndian, ByteOrder }
{ MV_9, MV_10_0, MV_10_1, MV_10_2..., MV_YOSEMITE }
{ SV_S60_3_1, SV_S60_3_2, SV_S60_5_0, SV_S60_5_1..., SV_S60_Unknown }
{ WordSize }
{ SV_9_2, SV_9_3, SV_9_4, SV_SF_1..., SV_Unknown }
{ WV_32s, WV_95, WV_98, WV_Me..., WV_CE_based }

Detailed Description

Some constants are defined only on certain platforms. You can use the preprocessor symbols Q_WS_WIN and Q_WS_MAC to test that the application is compiled under Windows or Mac.

See also QLibraryInfo.

enum QSysInfo::Endian

Constant Value Description
QSysInfo::BigEndian Big-endian byte order (also called Network byte order)
QSysInfo::LittleEndian Little-endian byte order
QSysInfo::ByteOrder Equals BigEndian or LittleEndian, depending on the platform's byte order.

enum QSysInfo::MacVersion

QSysInfo::MV_9 0x0001 Mac OS 9 (unsupported)
QSysInfo::MV_10_0 0x0002 Mac OS X 10.0 (unsupported)
QSysInfo::MV_10_1 0x0003 Mac OS X 10.1 (unsupported)
QSysInfo::MV_10_2 0x0004 Mac OS X 10.2 (unsupported)
QSysInfo::MV_10_3 0x0005 Mac OS X 10.3
QSysInfo::MV_10_4 0x0006 Mac OS X 10.4
QSysInfo::MV_10_5 0x0007 Mac OS X 10.5
QSysInfo::MV_10_6 0x0008 Mac OS X 10.6
QSysInfo::MV_10_7 0x0009 OS X 10.7
QSysInfo::MV_10_8 0x000A OS X 10.8
QSysInfo::MV_10_9 0x000B OS X 10.9
QSysInfo::MV_10_10 0x000C OS X 10.10
QSysInfo::MV_Unknown 0x0000 An unknown and currently unsupported platform
QSysInfo::MV_CHEETAH MV_10_0 Apple codename for MV_10_0
QSysInfo::MV_PUMA MV_10_1 Apple codename for MV_10_1
QSysInfo::MV_JAGUAR MV_10_2 Apple codename for MV_10_2
QSysInfo::MV_PANTHER MV_10_3 Apple codename for MV_10_3
QSysInfo::MV_TIGER MV_10_4 Apple codename for MV_10_4
QSysInfo::MV_LEOPARD MV_10_5 Apple codename for MV_10_5
QSysInfo::MV_SNOWLEOPARD MV_10_6 Apple codename for MV_10_6
QSysInfo::MV_LION MV_10_7 Apple codename for MV_10_7
QSysInfo::MV_MOUNTAINLION MV_10_8 Apple codename for MV_10_8
QSysInfo::MV_MAVERICKS MV_10_9 Apple codename for MV_10_9
QSysInfo::MV_YOSEMITE MV_10_10 Apple codename for MV_10_10

See also WinVersion and SymbianVersion.

enum QSysInfo::S60Version

QSysInfo::SV_S60_3_1 SV_9_2 S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1
QSysInfo::SV_S60_3_2 SV_9_3 S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2
QSysInfo::SV_S60_5_0 SV_9_4 S60 5th Edition
QSysInfo::SV_S60_5_1 SV_SF_2 This enum value is deprecated.
QSysInfo::SV_S60_5_2 SV_SF_3 Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna
QSysInfo::SV_S60_5_3 SV_API_5_3 Symbian/S60 API version 5.3 release
QSysInfo::SV_S60_5_4 SV_API_5_4 Symbian/S60 API version 5.4 release
QSysInfo::SV_S60_5_5 SV_API_5_5 Symbian/S60 API version 5.5 release
QSysInfo::SV_S60_Unknown SV_Unknown

See also SymbianVersion, WinVersion, and MacVersion.

enum QSysInfo::Sizes

This enum provides platform-specific information about the sizes of data structures used by the underlying architecture.

QSysInfo::WordSize ( sizeof( void * )
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