Nokia Corporation headquarters

November 1, 2022
#bNokia #1008 WP8: 2GB RAM

The design of this headquarters facility expresses Nokia’s brand concept of "warm technology, " integrating technological innovation with the warmth of colors and materials found in modern Scandinavian design. The building’s façade plays with layers of transparency with planes of glass extending past the actual building envelope and blurring the boundary between inside and outside creating in-between spaces and balconies that soften the transition between public and private, man-made and natural.

These planes are articulated into two L-shapes wrapping the interior space. A high-performance, transparent glass curtain wall maximizes connection with the lush surrounding landscape. This glass volume sits on an earth-toned stone base that complements the colors of the site. The glass canopy becomes an extension of the curtain wall and folds into the building as the first floor sets back defining a welcoming entry sequence.

The juxtaposition of cool/crisp and warm/soft extends to the landscaped areas on the site. A modernist geometric square forecourt responds to the location and design of the canopy and the entry point. A variety of Scandinavian and local plantings defines boundaries and creates intimate spaces within a larger area that surrounds and envelops the building, grounding the architectural volume.

The new building provides flexible, efficient floor plates, generous ceiling heights, state-of-the-art elevator capacity and mechanical systems. Vertical movement is facilitated through an enhanced intercommunicating stair sequence that welcomes users and favors the use of stairs over that of elevators. The building includes a number of sustainable features including daylight and occupancy sensors for building lighting and has been given several awards for its environmental technology.

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