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December 9, 2021
Microsoft and Nokia Phone
  • Nokia Android Phones Release Date, Specs, Pricing, News and Update: Nokia Confirms 2 Android Phones Early 2017; Smartphones to Compete with iPhone 7
  • Two Nokia Android Phones are expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2017 to compete against iPhone 7.
    (Photo: Sunday king/YouTube)

The upcoming launch of Nokia Android phones 2017 is certainly a major game changer in the smartphone industry. Apple and Samsung have been intermittently vying for the top spot in terms of popularity and profits. Will Nokia Android phones 2017 succeed in giving Apple and Samsung a run for their money?

Nokia Android Phones 2017 News

In previous reports, Nokia Android phones 2017 will be coming up with two units for its major comeback. One unit will fall in the mid-range category while the other Nokia Android phone 2017 unit will reportedly serve as the flagship phone.

A lot of smartphone users are excited and curious as to what Nokia Android phones 2017 has to offer. Apple and Samsung have been both in a monotonous ride lately, with users feeling bored with the predictability of the available smartphones in the market.

With the announcement of Nokia Android phones 2017, consumers will have more choices rather than being stuck with Apple's somewhat restrictive software and Samsung's exploding devices. Nokia Android phones 2017 must be crafted well both physically and internally because the world is holdings its breath for its launch.

Nokia Android Phones 2017 Updates

Nokia users know all too well how popular the brand was in the early 2000s. In fact, the downfall of Nokia did not happen overnight - instead, it faded away quite gracefully, giving way to Apple and Samsung. The upcoming launch of Nokia Android phones 2017 is considered to be the most-awaited moment when the underdog reclaims the prize that it so rightfully deserves.

Nokia Android Phones 2017: The Last Straw

Amid the excitement for Nokia Android phones 2017, critics are scoffing at the upcoming comeback of the Finland-based tech company. According to critics, one can only revive a seemingly dying brand, and with its botched attempt to take center stage with the Lumia series, Nokia Android phones 2017 are considered to be Nokia's last chance.

As of writing, Nokia Android phones 2017 details remain to be announced. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more Nokia Android phones 2017 news and updates!

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