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March 29, 2017
Nokia Isn t Dead

Screenshot, Belle RefreshBelle Refresh is essentially all the parts of Belle FP1 that were appropriate for the older hardware. Here's the changelog from vanilla Belle:

  • Web browser is now v8.3.1.4 (was in Belle) and has better HTML5 support
  • More clock widgets (digital clock lookalike)
  • Other useful widgets: Calendar Agenda view, RSS Widget, Bookmark, Music player Medium size, Weather now, Weather forecast, My location, Facebook, Mobile Data Counter
  • Notes widget, for quick access to notes and to create a new one.
  • Facelift (of playback controls) and functionality for Music player (split of Albums and Artists at last, implemented with tabbed interface, plus warnings of hearing loss when listening with headphones at high volume) - v17.1.14 (was 17.0.16 in Belle)
  • Maps Suite 3.9 built-in (for the full firmware image via Nokia Suite)
  • Qt 4.8.0 now built-in
  • (for N8 only) Big Screen now built-in
  • (for N8 only) DLNA play now built-in
  • (for N8 only and only via Nokia Suite full flash) ColorizIt utility built-in
  • Numerous assorted fixes and optimisations, including Flash video support - high bitrate videos and content are now handled fine, without crashes

Accepting the over the air update... the 13MB update takes around five minutes to install.

Some of the new widgets: two new styles of clock and Notes.

Screenshot, Belle Refresh

The Music player refresh: split of tracks into different tabs, including 'Artists' - and a facelifted player.

Very cool to see this arriving as promised by Nokia/Accenture. As ever, the death of Symbian has been greatly exagerated. It's particularly impressive to see devices as old as the 2010 N8 still getting major updates almost two years after initial availability.

Please don't comment just to say that Belle Refresh hasn't hit your N8 or E7 or C7 (etc.) - this is a roll out and will take a few weeks as more and more product codes get added by Nokia and Accenture! David's N8 couldn't see the update yet, for example, while both my Symbian^3 devices were offered.

As ever, you can check by using *#0000# in your dialler and then using the menu, or by plugging the phone into Nokia Suite and seeing what gets offered there.

Screenshot, Belle Refresh Screenshot, Belle Refresh Screenshot, Belle Refresh Screenshot, Belle Refresh
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