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May 28, 2017

Las Vegas, USA – Your home is becoming more connected all the time. It all started with your stove talking to your oven. Then the refrigerator spoke with the freezer. And if the TV show “The Jetsons” is correct, by this time next year our showers will do the scrubbing for us. But for 2011, here are eight ways your Nokia N8 helps to improve your connected home…

WebTV on your TV

Tired of the same ol’ TV channels? If you live in Finland like me, you probably are. Connect your N8 to a TV via HDMI ports and fire up WebTV*, a fantastic app that comes pre-installed on every Nokia N8. Enjoy TV content from the likes of CNN, National Geographic, E! and a whole bunch of local channels through the Ovi Store – all on your television.
*WebTV is not yet available in the U.S. on Nokia devices

Digital Music

Connect a N8 to your stereo, or just use its powerful built-in speaker and you’ll have digital music running through your home. Grab tracks from Ovi Music, or use a music service like Spotify. Or if you’re like me, you love listening podcasts while you cook. “The Sound of Young America” is my favorite.

Dolby Digital Surround Sound + HD 720p Video

Hook your N8 to a big screen TV and stereo and watch HD films with Dolby Digital Surround Sound. All from your Nokia N8. WOW! Need I say more?

Angry Birds on your TV

Mobile phone gaming kicks butt. But it’s kinda a solitary experience. Why not hook your N8 up to your TV via HDMI and force your friends to watch you fling a few birds around on Angry Birds? “Can I play next??” “NO!!”

Replace your ADSL/Cable modem

Having both ADSL/Cable service and data on your phone can be pricey. Grab “JoikuSpot” from the Ovi Store and turn your N8 into a secure WiFi hotspot for your laptop.

Name that tune

It happens all the time: Your girlfriend is making you watch some lame romantic comedy. The only decent thing about it is the soundtrack. But what’s that song? “I think it kinda sounds like Depeche Mode.” Fire up “Shazam” and identify that track!

Facebookin’ from the couch

It happens all the time: Your boyfriend is making you watch some lame sci-fi film. You’d rather be on Facebook but your audiophile geek boyfriend finds your laptop’s fan noise distracting. Do your Tweeting and Facebooking from your N8! Use the free Nokia Social app, or a third party app like Gravity.

Run for mayor!

Here’s a fun activity: Use the Foursquare app on your N8 and battle your friends to become the mayor of your own home! No political experience necessary.

Source: blogs.windows.com
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