Symbian S60 phones

August 29, 2022
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

is an Amstrad CPC emulator for symbian S60 phones.
After I received my Siemens SX1, I found GameBoy, NES, C64, MSX, MAME, etc. emulators for Series 60. But I wasn't able to find any CPC emulator. So, I decided to port one of the existing emulator to Symbian.
S60-CPC is based on WIN-CPC by Ludovic Deplanque for the core emulation.
The main architecture is based on those of EDoom by Peter van Sebille, a Doom Port for Symbian UIQ (which I partially ported to S60).

What's new:

21/02/06 - S60-CPC V0.74
- Right rotation offset bug fixed.
18/02/06 - S60-CPC V0.73
- Zoom mode now listed with other display options. By default, you can interact normally with the emulator in zoom mode. To move the zoom window you have to press the phone "shift" key + the phone joystick.
- Added '-'/'=' key in the the virtual keyboard.
14/01/06 - S60-CPC V0.72
- DSK config debug (not loaded each time you access the menu, only when the DSK is loaded).
9/12/05 - S60-CPC V0.71
- Zoom debug (vertical scroll)
24/11/05 - S60-CPC V0.7
- Support for Zoom.
12/10/05 - S60-CPC V0.6
- Support for snapshots.
- Support for frameskip.
- Screen rotation choice (left/right).
29/09/05 - S60-CPC V0.2
- Support for DSK dependant config files (so each game would have its own keys, display, audio, etc. settings).
- Support for Sound Volume.
- Support for pressing several phone keys at once.
24/09/05 - Initial Release V0.1

Planned modifications for next releases

- Maybe, I will add links to some CPC games I wrote in the late 80's.


S60-CPC has been successfully tested on the following phones : Siemens SX1, Nokia 6600, NGage, NGage QD, Nokia 3230.
It seems that S60-CPC isn't compatible with Symbian OS V8.0 phones (Nokia 6680, N70, N90...). It has been reported that S60-CPC could work by directly running CPCEMU.EXE in your E:systemappsS60Cpc.
If your phone isn't listed in the above list, you can send me an email to tell me if it works or not.


Video of a few games running on my SX1 (22MBytes).

If you can't see the video, try to install this MPEG2 codec


S60-CPC is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
S60-CPC manual
Download S60-CPC V0.74 binaries
Download S60-CPC V0.74 sources


email : mryssen"at"
You could find CPC games here:
NVG archive
CPC Game Review : nice site with reviews and screenshots of a lot of games.

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