Nokia phone apps

August 15, 2022

I'd read nothing but complaints prior to installing W10 and waited this long because of it. I was speechless, stunned by the gorgeous UI. I absolutely love W10 on my phone. I finally understand why the richer Bing apps were discontinued, News simplified, Me hub and social integration removed, tiles less animated, less pinning, everything. WP10 is a PHONE that truly represents Microsoft. WP8 was innovative, unique, and too focused on unnecessary and flashy features. I signed up with Twitter solely because it could be integrated into the system. I spent too much time on social media I ordinarily didn't use, perfecting my tiles and start screen, etc. Ummm.. Microsoft didn't create a phone; they created their worst nightmare, aided by Nokia. The Me hub, social streams, and tiles created a user base consisting of (not all) arrogant, high maintenance, stubborn, entitled, outspoken, dedicated, most unique individuals. Microsoft has made one outstanding Phone. Thank you.

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