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April 22, 2022
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Nokia has announced a host of applications and themes on the OviStore for the holy month of Ramadan. These apps would help those observe the holy month of Ramadan. Nokia announced special Independence Day apps recently.

Ramdan apps and themes for Nokia phones

  • Zakat Calculator for S60 v5 and Symbian^3 Nokia phones – It tells zakat in terms of weight as well as the zakat in terms of cash according to the currency like Euro, Dollar, Egyptian pound etc. you have selected including conditions of Zakat, spending channels, types of Zakat, and Zakat Al-fitr
  • Qibla Direction for Symbian^3 Nokia phones -Qibla application with panorama technology, shows the correct Qibla direction easily, based on the preselected country and city without GPS and also based on GPS location. The app is available in English and Arabic.
  • Prayer Times for all Nokia Symbian phones – It provides prayer timing and also alerts the user before each prayer and also allows users to easily switch their mobile into the silent mode during the prayer.
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