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June 29, 2017
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The origin of archery dates back to 10, 000 years BC. Amazingly, here we are in the 21st century playing bow and arrow games on our smartphones.

Archery is a free game for S60 5th Edition phones that requires a sharp eye and a steady finger. Each round consists of three different levels, where the target is set at distances of 20 meters, 50 meters and 80 meters. Wind and gravity plays a part, and you'll need to gage these from the arrow indicators on screen before taking your shot.

The aiming system in Archery is pretty cumbersome. You need to hold your finger down on the screen, then move the circle that appears over the target in the distance, remembering to allow for the conditions. Take your finger off the screen and the arrow will be fired. A screen will appear showing where the arrow landed. The problem with Archery's control system is that the aiming circle is often obscured by your thumb, and also the system is very sensitive, meaning that the arrow often flies out when you don't want it to.

The graphics in Archery are minimalistic, but in quite a cool way. It doesn't look very realistic though, and there are no flashy animations or photo-realistic backgrounds.

In terms of game options, Archery features three difficulty levels, where targets are placed at increasing distances as the difficulty increases. Unfortunately, there's no multiplayer mode though.

Source: archery.en.softonic.com
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