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October 21, 2022
Chat software for nokia 5800

Note: This document describes how to install and configure Qt for the Symbian platform from scratch. If you are using pre-built binaries, follow the instructions given in the Installing Qt on the Symbian platform from a Binary Package document.

  • Setup the development environment

After you have finished the Symbian development environment setup, it is good to verify that environment is functional for example by compiling one of the pure Symbian examples for both emulator and HW. This can be done from command prompt as follows:

cd S60CppExamplesNotegroup bldmake bldfiles abld build winscw udeb abld build gcce urel

If all steps pass without errors your Symbian development environment is very likely installed correctly.

  • Install Qt

Uncompress the downloaded source package into the directory you want Qt installed, e.g. C:Qt4.6.3.

Note: Qt must be installed on the same drive as the Symbian SDK you are using, and the install path must not contain any spaces.

  • Environment variables

In order to build and use Qt, the PATH environment variable needs to be extended:

PATH - to locate qmake, moc and other Qt tools

This is done by adding c:Qt4.6.3bin to the PATH variable.

On Windows the PATH can be extended by navigating to "Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment variables".

In addition, you must configure the environment for use with the Symbian emulator. This is done by locating the Carbide.c++ submenu on the Start menu, and choosing "Configure environment for WINSCW command line".

If you are planning to use abld (the default build system that comes with the S60 SDK) to build Qt, you will also need to set the following environment variable:


This is not necessary for other applications, only when building Qt.

  • Configure Qt

To configure Qt for the Symbian platform, do:

cd Qt4.6.3 configure -platform win32-g++ -xplatform symbian-abld

to build the tools using MinGW, and the libraries using abld. or

cd Qt4.6.3 configure -platform win32-g++ -xplatform symbian-sbsv2

to build the tools using MinGW, and the libraries using SBSv2.

  • Build Qt

To build Qt for the emulator, type:

make debug-winscw

To build Qt for the device, type:

make release-armv5

Congratulations, Qt is now ready to use.

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