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October 13, 2022
Tumblr Ship by SymbianL

Quick Camera Comparisons: Nokia N8 vs Nokia Lumia 720; Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620A couple of Lumia comparisons from NokNok. First up comparing the N8 against the Nokia Lumia 720. Followed by the Nokia Lumia 620 against the hyperbudget Nokia Lumia 520. The 520 does a respectable job, lacking really in just the LED flash (to help drive the price down).

Just a couple minutes ago we posted about the official Tumblr app finally being available for WP8; well here’s a quick video walk-through/Demo of the app since I got a couple requests for it previously. I really love the way the Gif play in stream along side the still images; it makes the app look very […]

Video: Official Tumblr App for WP Demoed on Lumia 920

One feature that has been missing from Chinese variants of Windows Phone besides certain social network integration is the wallet hub on WP8…. Till now. Wallet hub allows you to link your gift cards, credit cards, paypal and more in one place to quickly pay on the go (very similar to Apple’s passbook; except the […]

Tumblr have finally released their official for WP8 (only; sorry WP7 users); the app brings all the functionality of Tumblr’s GIF crazy world. As well as auto-updating images to the lockscreen and live tiles; you can grab the app for free from down below: Via / thanks for the tip @derrekleigh

We’ve been told that there’s a new update pushed for the Nokia 808 PureView: telephony update wifi update and youtube gallery update Cheers Sandy for the tip

Wallet Hub Comes to Chinese WP on Lumia 720’s

What’s going on here? Our tipper noted: It contains the same video embedded only this time youtube account holding it is popteevee. So, Nokia Malaysia is releasing some new music/tv service maybe? Cheers dietyyli for the tip

There were some rumours last week that the Nokia Lumia 928 (for Verizon) might launch this week. Via: TV Bloomberg says otherwise. They reckon it’s coming in May (well we’re already pretty much nearing the end of April). They however reckon that instead of a polycarbonate body, it might be metal (like the […]

Finnish Railway company VR has announced today that they have launched a Windows Phone app, that allows customers to purchase tickets. Currently, this is the ONLY app available from the company. Also announced was that Android and iOS apps will ve coming later. Is this a sign of WP finally becoming that third ecosystem or […]

Watch Balaji and Sunil learning Bangla from Kolkata Knight Riders experiment with Nokia Lumia 520. Upload your 520 experiments and you could meet Shahrukh Khan. NokiaIndiaOfficial Cheers Manu for the tip!

808 Update: Telephony, WiFi and Gallery #Symbian LumiaLiveCentre – Countdown ending Thursday April 25th Bloomberg says Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon in the coming weeks – says it’s metal Finnish Railway company VR launch WP app for ticket sales – Android & iPhone coming later

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