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March 23, 2018
Nokia Store to be replaced by

29 April 2011 and Nokia C6. These issues rank among the most mysterious bugs we have ever encountered as they have been very hard to replicate and seem to not only be software issues but might also be related to a specific hardware ie. simply a buggy device. We hope that the fixes that have now been applied to this build will help most affected users get back on “track” with less hiccups.

Sports Tracker Symbian v. 4.16 release notes

  • Added Twitter sharing from device
    (NOTE: To enable Twitter sharing on device login to and go to Settings to connect your Sports Tracker account with your Twitter account.)
  • Added new language support: German & Spanish
  • Fixes for the issues experienced by Nokia N8 and Nokia C6 users
  • Improved performance when switching between different workout displays
  • Minor tweaks and updates

How to get the update: As usual launch Sports Tracker on your device and accept the update when prompted to get the new version of the app. Sports Tracker detects the language setting of your phone and will automatically switch to Italian, Finnish and now also German or Spanish where applicable. The updated app will also be added to Ovi Store within the next 4-5 days.

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