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August 20, 2017
Transparent NP Themes (.sis)

As you may know, there are a lot of Gameboy emulators for PC available already, and GBA Emulators with multi-player support are present as well.

But now one is made also for Symbian smartphones. Emulate GBA ( GameBoy Advance ) roms on your s60v3 Nokia smartphone!

  • vBagX is a GameBoy Advance emulator that can run GBA games on your Symbian series 60 3rd edition phone.
  • Play your favourite Pokemon roms, Mario roms or Zelda roms on your Symbian s60v3 smartphone.
  • We do not provide any game ROMs, but it is easy to find those by using search engines.

pokemon on symbian


  • Full speed with perfect sound effects for most games
  • Big rom size support (full support for 32M rom)
  • Speed adjustmuent option and frameskip option
  • Graphics mode option (full, landscape, origin)
  • Save/Load in games (flash, eeprom, sram up to 128K)
  • Key map setting
  • Sound volume switch
  • Thread priority option

Supported Handsets

This emulator is designed for handsets that has physical buttons and is unusable on touch-only devices. However it can be used on devices with combined touchscreen + keyboard.

List of Nokia smartphones, that are known to support this emulator:

5700 XpressMusic • 5320 XpressMusic • 5630 XpressMusic • 5730 XpressMusic • 6110 Navigator • 6210 Navigator • 6710 Navigator • 6120 classic • 6121 classic • 6124 classic • 6720 classic • 6730 classic • 6220 classic • 6290 • E51 • E52 • E55 • E63 • E66 • E71 • E71x • E72 • E75 • E90 Communicator • N76 • N78 • N79 • N81 • N81 8GB • N82 • N85 • N86 8MP • N95 • N95 8GB • N96 • 6650 fold • 6760 slide • 6790 Surge


  • Download the archieve to your computer, unrar it.
  • Transfer the file vbagx_s60v3.sis to your phone and install it.
  • Open the application and go to "options" => "activate", your imei number will be shown.
  • On your computer, open vBagXKeygen.exe and enter your imei number, press "generate".
  • On your phone, Press "yes" and enter the generated key.
  • Search internet for GBA roms and transfer them to your phone to play them with the emulator.


  • Make sure your ROM file ends with ".gba", and send them to your mobile via bluetooth, USB or card-reader.
  • If you installed vBagX on your microSD card, put the roms into the folder "E://data/Others/vBag/";
  • If you installed vBagX on your phone memory, please put the roms into the folder "C://Others/vBag/".

When everything is ready

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