Nokia PC Suite N95

October 7, 2022
Full Nokia Suite screenshot

Image titled Debrand a Nokia N95 Step 1Connect your Nokia N95 using your USB cable to your computer. Choose PC Suite when prompted on your phone and not any other option. Wait for your computer to fully recognize your phone.

Open Nemesis Software Suite and press on the magnifying glass in the top right corner: Scan for new device.

After your device is found, click on the Phone Info button.

Image titled Debrand a Nokia N95 Step 2 Following this, click on the Read button. Information regarding your device should appear such as your current firmware version and serial number.

What we are interested in is changing the product code from a Rogers (or any other provider) to a generic product code. For a list of product codes and how they vary, see the bottom of this page. In the case of Rogers, I recommend changing the code to 0561948.

Image titled Debrand a Nokia N95 Step 3 To change the product code, check the Enable box, and paste your new number over the old one, in this case 0561948. Then click on the Write button.

After finishing the last step successfully close the Nemesis Suite. Now would be a good idea to backup your contacts, messages and data, because in the next step we are going to reinstall/update the firmware thus erasing all data on the phone.

Disconnect and reconnect your phone via the USB cable and run the Nokia Software Updater. Follow the instructions provided. Even if you have the latest firmware available, choose to reinstall it.

After the update, your phone will reboot, and you will instantly see that there are no more logos related to your operator, all bundled bloat-ware have been removed and any restrictions previously imposed have now been lifted.


You can now restore your backed up contacts/files. I do not recommend restoring settings as this will restore annoying operator defaults such as colors and settings.

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