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July 5, 2020
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Concentrating Managerial Resources in Our Fields of Expertise to Become a Leading Parts Supplier

NOK is Japan’s longest established oil seal manufacturer. Our functional parts such as oil seals and mechanical seals, created through advanced seal technology, are not only employed in the automotive industry but are also used in a wide range of other industries. We have developed into the leading company in the field in terms of reliability by leveraging the technology and know-how we have accumulated since the start of operations.
Also, as Japan’s first flexible printed circuit (FPC) manufacturer, we have greatly contributed to the development of smaller, lighter and better performing electronic devices. In 2004, we launched a new roller business to further foster the stable growth of our company.

NOK Group is aiming to become a stronger and even more unique parts manufacturer by further improving the technologies that make up the foundation of our business operations, namely our sealing, FPC, and rolling technologies. Moreover, we are carrying out drastic cost-cutting measures throughout our business operations, from manufacturing to the frontline of sales, while making strenuous efforts to improve the quality of our products and services. We are committed to “making unique and useful products backed by technology in a competitive manner and supplying them throughout the globe in a reasonable way, ” thereby becoming a highly profitable corporate group in which customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and all other stakeholders can take pride.

At the same time, to protect the natural environment for the next generation, we are also committed to careful environmental management and steadily fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

What started out as a small town plant established in Kobe, Japan in 1939 has grown in to become a highly unique enterprise. The corporate culture of that original factory has been passed down through the generations to the 21st century, constantly inspiring employees of NOK Group to be ambitious. Taking pride in our reputation as a “small-town factory born to be a great parts supplier, ” we will continue to manage NOK Group in an even more ambitious manner in this new century.

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