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March 23, 2022
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The Nokia Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platform can rapidly process content at the very edge of the mobile network, delivering an experience that is ultra-responsive as latency is significantly reduced. Multi-access Edge Computing now takes full advantage of the telco cloud, enabling new possibilities to serve the operator’s radio network and to co-exist with our other Virtualized Network Functions.

As a software function, it delivers flexibility, scalability and efficiency to multiple base station sites using existing interfaces and innovative Ethernet-based fronthaul.

Nokia is one of the founding members of the Multi-access Edge Computing ETSI Industry Specification Group, which now has over thirty participating members driving standardization and fostering an open environment around IT and cloud-computing capabilities within the radio access network. Through MEC, Nokia will drive differentiated services and new applications with an open architecture and standardized interfaces. Read how Zone applications can amplify visitor experience, enhance venue operations and increase revenue.

Millions of people are injured in traffic accidents every year. In 90% of these incidents, the cause is human error. Connected cars can improve road safety, but they need ultra-low latency for communications.

Nokia and its partners demonstrated for the first time in the world in an operator’s live LTE network how Multi-access Edge Computing can be used for car to car and for car to infrastructure communications. Vehicles connected via the distributed cloudlets based on the Nokia Multi-access Edge Computing platform receive information such as warnings from other vehicles almost in real time, which is particularly important for traffic safety applications. MEC is an enabler for optimized infrastructure investments and the first step towards 5G and autonomous driving.

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