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June 25, 2017
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Rapidsoft Technologies offers real-time customized Symbian Application Development that includes security applications, games and multimedia features, GPS applications and Bluetooth-based applications and many more. Our expertise in C++, OPL.NET technology helps us provide up-to-date Symbian Application Services to our clients. If one looks for cutting edge multimedia applications such as recording and playing audio and video including streaming multimedia etc. then our expert team can help in developing all the multimedia functionalities as per our clients choices. Also, we tend to develop applications for User Interface Quartz (UIQ) technology.

Outsourcing Symbian Application Software
Outsourcing the Symbian Application Software is a tough task. It is all because Symbian Application has varied versions to develop with it. Thus, we understand and get to know the client with their varied business goals. We understand our client's needs and demands and propose solutions that bring in high performance. To deliver the outsourcing Symbian Application Solutions, based on the client need and proposed solutions we offer flexible engagement models. Complete visibility at all stages of development is ensured at the desk of Rapidsoft Technologies, so that our clients can appreciate the benefits in terms of cost, time and quality.

Our Symbian Developers analyzes, designs, develop, test, implement, and provide support for Symbian Apps Development. With our subject matter expertise and previous rich experience of delivering Symbian apps on time and within budget can be attributed to our management skill and adoption of our benchmarked industrial practices. We maintain complete transparency and good monitoring to ensure the successful deliverables. We offer solutions and services based on our business engagement models like fixed cost, project based, T&M, dedicated resource etc. before hiring our Symbian developers.

The go-getter technology of Symbian Operating System
Symbian operating system has come up with various versions of it. Our developers' team follows the instructions of up-to-date SDK of Symbian. This software has integrated the advanced application environment with the mobile telephonic system and it can provide highly sophisticated data services to the common man.

Grasping our expertise!
Our team can share the technology of tomorrow! We develop real time customized applications that includes security applications, games and multimedia features, GPS Applications and Bluetooth-based applications.

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