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July 12, 2022
Google maps 2014 download for

Google Maps is still not supported on most Symbian devices running Belle fp1 & fp2.
So I decided to create a simple map application on my own.
This is a very primitive map app that uses the Google Static Maps API and Google Geocoding API.
Though it can not really substitute for Google Maps app, it does fulfill my map needs to a large extent.

Features :

  • Displays current position using in-built GPS
  • Ability to search for places
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Move map using on-screen arrows
  • Displays distance and direction of your current position from the map position


gMap screenshot

Features not supported:

  • Touch screen navigation
  • Routes
  • Does not detect motion, position needs to be updated manually


  • To get an accurate GPS fix, move out of cramped places, preferably outdoors.
  • Click on the top information bar to update map to your current position


Current version : 2.0
File format : wgz (Nokia WRT widget)

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