Top 10 Nokia E5 apps

October 27, 2022

Nokia E5The Nokia E5 is an HSDPA-capable smartphone designed for business and leisure in equal measure. [You're a poet and you didn't know it. - Ed.] Equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, an inbuilt GPS, a 3.5mm headphone jack, dual home screens, plus a host of preinstalled business and entertainment apps, the Nokia E5 strikes a good balance between work and play.

On the downside, its screen is a bit on the small side, which makes Internet browsing a chore. The inbuilt camera could also do with some improvements. Nonetheless, if you require a smartphone for both professional and personal use (and don't mind a small screen), the Nokia E5 is an enticing proposition.

Nokia E5: Design

Unlike most consumer-friendly smartphones, such as the HTC Desire HD, LG Optimus 7 and Motorola Milestone XT701, the Nokia E5 does not come with a touchscreen interface. Instead, it sticks to a QWERTY keyboard, which takes up around half of the E5's front.

The lack of a touchscreen may not be a problem for some, but the reduction in screen size certainly will be. Simply put, the 2.36in display is far too small for effective Web browsing and/or video playback. To be fair, this is a fault that many mobile phones suffer from, but it does makes the Nokia E5 feel a bit outdated when compared to its full-screen brethren. (If you don't like touchscreens but want the luxury of a larger display, try the Nokia E7 smartphone — it has a slide-out keyboard.)

With dimensions of 115x58.9x12.8mm, the Nokia E5 is pretty compact for a candy bar smartphone. The black-and-silver finish is quite swish looking, while still remaining suitable for professionals. (If you'd prefer something slightly splashier, white, brown, and sky blue variants are also available.) Despite its slim size, the Nokia E5 has a reassuringly solid feel. The metallic backplate is an attractive touch, while also providing protection from knocks and drops.

Curiously, the Nokia E5 has no side buttons, with the exception of a volume rocker and a release for the backplate. Instead, all controls are relegated to the keyboard, which requires you to learn a few key shortcuts.

Nokia E5: Handling

We were very impressed by the Nokia E5's QWERTY keyboard — throughout testing, the keys remained responsive and comfortable to use. That said, those with short fingernails or thick thumbs will need a little practice before they start typing like a pro.

As mentioned, the 2.36in display isn't ideal for video viewing, but it does get the job done. Images are reasonably sharp and viewing angles are quite good too. We found it difficult to see in direct sunlight, but the same thing could be said of most mobile phones. All in all, we think the display is acceptable for the asking price: we just wish it was a little bigger.

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